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FortifyIT is a managed IT service provider offering comprehensive consulting and information systems support.

Welcome to FortifyIT. We offer our customers a dynamic partnership that goes beyond conventional IT services. Our mission is simple, yet profound: empower your people and safeguard your data to ensure your business’s digital future is secure, today.

Our portfolio of services is designed to optimize your current suite of IT systems and adapt with you as your unique needs and goals change. We take a security-first approach in everything we do, ensuring that your digital fortress is unbreakable.

About Us

Our Services

FortifyIT provides a customizable range of capabilities and solutions designed with your company’s existing IT systems in mind. We offer services across the full spectrum of information technology management and can help solve not only your current challenges, but also protect your data and optimize assets for future growth. Together, we help align your organization’s IT investments with desired outcomes.

IT Systems Design and Buildout

Our team can help you define, develop and design your IT systems to satisfy the specific needs of your business.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Protect and keep your business going when accidental or intentional data loss occurs.

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Private, public or hybrid, we provide seamless cloud integration, robust security, and ongoing support to meet all your cloud computing needs.

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A reliable, fast, and secure connectivity solution is vital in running a successful business.

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Security Focused

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, keeping your business safe is our primary focus. Every decision we make, from system design and setup to ongoing operational support, is driven by a security-first approach.

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Technology Security & Compliance Consultation

Compliance is a key part of most businesses. Our compliance and network security experts can help you and your team understand and achieve your required compliance goals, assuring that your business, users and data are secure and compliant.

Compliance & Training

Let us educate your employees on the compliance regulations and corporate policies, procedures, and actions needed to protect your data and avoid user-generated workplace problems and legal violations.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our experts can help you identify and target vulnerable areas in your network through in-depth and ongoing screening efforts to improve your data protection.

Penetration Training

If you’re concerned about potential network weaknesses, penetration testing for security breaches and vulnerabilities can ease or validate your anxiety—and identify how our IT security experts can help.

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With over two decades of expertise, we’ve mastered the delicate balance between ease of use, innovation and security. No matter what your unique challenges, we’re here to fortify your business for success.

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No matter what your unique challenges are, we’re here to fortify your business for success.